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ENT In MIOT International Chennai

The Department of ENT – Head & Neck and Skull-base Surgery offers complete medical and surgical care for all conditions related to the ear, nose and throat, including ENT emergencies, for patients of all age groups.

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    Treatment for a range of ailments

    • The department has started a Cochlear implantation and Middle ear implantation program.
    • MIOT is a Premier Institute for performing Balloon Sinuplasty, the only centre in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.
    • MIOT Pioneers in complex airway procedures and Head and neck tumors.
    • Complex Airway issues are handled here including Tracheal resections and Airway reconstruction surgery.
    • MIOT is the only Centre in Tamil Nadu to have done a Balloon Tracheal dilatation on a patient.
    • The latest addition is a Snoring and sleep disorder clinic.

    The Department’s specialists treat patients afflicted with deafness, ear discharge, giddiness / vertigo, ear infections, nose bleeding, sinus infections, tonsil infections, voice change and patients with cancer, as well as those having difficulty swallowing, breathing difficulties, snoring and headaches.

    Our expert surgeons perform complex procedures to deal with diseases affecting skull-base, which includes vascular lesions like glomus jugulare, malignant tumours of the temporal bone, infra-temporal fossa and paranasal sinuses; head and neck tumours; oral cancers; and micro-vascular surgery for reconstruction following ablative cancer surgery and correction of major post-traumatic and congenital facial deformities.

    Sleep Apnoea

    There is almost zero awareness in India that many amongst us maybe living with Sleep Apnoea, which left untreated could be life threatening tomorrow. This largely undiagnosed and untreated sleeping disorder puts both adults and children at risk of developing behavioural and medical problems with far reaching consequences.

    At MIOT International, we strive to raise awareness on little known conditions such as Sleep Apnoea, the hazards of which can be minimised with proactive care. Read more

    Cutting-edge therapeutic and surgical facilities

    State-of-the-art therapeutic and surgical facilities enable MIOT’s specialists to offer patients advanced care. In MIOT’s armamentarium are the latest microscope, Ballon Sinuplasty, sinus endoscopy system, the shaver/microdebrider system for all endo-nasal and endo-laryngeal procedures. We have a full fledged Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology, with our specialists offering the whole range of Audiology tests and speech and swallow therapy. We do Voice rehabilitation also. We are also the only Multispecialty Hospital which offers an in house Hearing aid dispensing unit, for the convenience of our patients.

    Dr. R. Narendran

    Dr. R. Narendran

    Specialist:      ENT Surgeon
    Experience:   19+ years of experience
    Hospital:        MIOT International, Chennai

    Brief about doctor:

    • R. Narendran is a well-known Head & Neck Surgeon at MIOT International, Chennai.
    • Having 19+ years of experience as a Head & Neck Surgeon and ENT Specialist.
    • He is the only person in the State of Tamil Nadu performing Balloon Sinuplasty and Eustachian dilatations.

    Dr. Sandip Duarah

    Dr. Sandip Duarah

    Specialist:     ENT Surgeon
    Experience:  22+ years of experience
    Hospital:       MIOT International, Chennai

    Brief About Doctor:

    • Dr. Sandip Duarah is a renowned ENT Specialist
    • Dr. Sandip Duarah has 22+ years of experience in the field of Otorhinolaryngology
    • Dr. Sandip Duarah is an active member of various organizations including Foundation of Head and Neck Oncology and North Eastern Branch of Oncology India. 

    Dr. R. Narendran Dr. R. Narendran
    Specialist: ENT Surgeon
    Experience: 19+ years
    Hospital: MIOT Chennai
    Dr. Sandip Duarah Dr. Sandip Duarah
    Specialist: ENT Surgeon
    Experience: 22+ years
    Hospital: MIOT Chennai

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