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Internal Medicine In MIOT International Chennai

The Department of Internal Medicine at MIOT International deals with outpatients, inpatients, as well as round-the-clock emergencies. The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases fall under its purview.

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    Total care for multi-system disease and more

    The Department offers total care, from the initial assessment to the management of all non-surgical cases, sometimes in consultation with other departments, where necessary. Our internists are skilled in emergency care medicine and in managing patients with undifferentiated or multi-system diseases.

    In critical care medicine, MIOT’s internists are actively involved in the day-to-day treatment of internal medical problems in the medical ICU. Our critical care and emergency care specialists cover a wide spectrum of medical emergencies with a focus on toxicology, complicated septicemias, hepatic disorders and hepatopathies, often working closely with our critical-care specialists as well as the sophisticated laboratory, blood bank and nuclear medicine units.

    Myriad diagnostic and therapeutic services

    At MIOT International, we offer patient care for the gamut of orthopaedic ailments, including complicated arthritic diseases. Patients undergo the latest therapeutic regimens, such as anti-TNF therapy and biological agents (as corollaries to surgical procedures) under the watchful care of the hospital’s internists.

    Our internal medicine department works with the immunology lab to diagnose and manage life-threatening autoimmune disorders using the latest immune-modulatory medications.

    The Department of Internal Medicine also deals with lifestyle diseases that lead to accelerated atherogenesis. Patients are assessed for standard risk factors – obesity, addictions, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemias etc., and appropriate therapeutic and preventive measures are undertaken.

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