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Liver Transplant Success Rate in India

The Remarkable Success of Liver Transplants in India

The journey to health often begins with a failing liver, a condition caused by factors like viral hepatitis infections, drug-induced injury, or severe liver diseases such as cirrhosis and liver cancer. In these critical situations, the beacon of hope for patients is a liver transplant.

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    India’s Liver Transplant Success Story: Where Excellence Thrives

    India, a land known for its rich culture and diverse heritage, has also become a hub for successful liver transplants. At the forefront of this medical breakthrough is Dr. Vivek Vij, a renowned liver transplant surgeon in India. At AILBS India, one of the world’s most advanced liver transplant centers, Dr. Vivek Vij and his team have achieved a remarkable success rate of over 95%. This means that more than 95% of patients who undergo liver transplant surgery make a full recovery and return to good health.

    Of course, as with any medical procedure, there is a small element of risk, typically ranging from 3-5%. The primary concern is transplant failure, where the recipient’s body rejects the new liver. Additional risks and complications associated with liver transplant surgery include bleeding, blood clots, damage to bile ducts, and infections.

    The Journey to a New Life

    The path to a new life doesn’t end with a successful transplant. The long-term survival rates post-surgery are equally impressive:

    • One-year survival rate: 86%
    • Three-year survival rate: 78%
    • Remarkably, 15-20 years post-surgery, the survival rate remains at an encouraging 65%-70%.
    • This journey is made possible by a dedicated team of medical and surgical professionals who evaluate both the donor and recipient. These specialists at AILBS India have received specialised training to meet the unique needs of liver transplant patients.

    Why a Liver Transplant?

    A liver transplant is often the last resort for individuals with end-stage liver disease. Without this life-saving procedure, the outcome can be dire. Conditions like cirrhosis, primarily caused by factors such as alcohol abuse, autoimmune hepatitis, or chronic viral hepatitis, are common triggers for liver transplant recommendations.

    Your medical team will carefully assess various factors, including the severity of your condition, any coexisting medical issues, your overall health, and even your mental well-being, to determine if a liver transplant is the right course of action.

    Life After a Liver Transplant

    The good news is that life can return to a semblance of normalcy after a liver transplant in India. Patients typically resume most of their regular activities, although recovery may take up to a year. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption are keys to a successful recovery.

    Why India for Liver Transplants?

    India’s track record in liver transplant surgery is impressive. With a success rate of 64% to 88% in patients with acute liver failure, India stands tall in the global landscape of liver transplantation. Since 1998, over 1800 liver transplant procedures are conducted annually in India, cementing its reputation as a reliable destination for life-saving transplants.

    The AILBS Advantage: Where Excellence Meets Compassion

    When choosing where to undergo a liver transplant in India, AILBS stands out as a leading hospital. Dr. Vivek Vij, the director of AILBS, boasts over 20 years of experience in liver transplantation, with thousands of successful surgeries to his name. A recipient of prestigious awards, Dr. Vij has consistently delivered outstanding results in the field.

    AILBS India offers not only high success rates but also state-of-the-art technology and facilities that ensure the best possible care for patients. Their commitment to excellence and compassion is unwavering, providing patients with the best chances for a successful recovery.

    In Conclusion

    Liver transplant surgery in India is not just a medical procedure; it’s a journey of hope, healing, and transformation. The liver transplant success rate in India is on par with the best in the world, ranging from 64% to 88%. So, if you are considering a liver transplant in India, look no further than AILBS, where excellence and compassion converge to unlock the promise of a new life. Get in touch with Dr. Vivek Vij and his dedicated team to learn more about the cost of liver transplant in India and embark on your journey towards renewed health.

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    Dr. Vivek Vij

    Speciality:        Liver Transplant Surgeon
    Experience:     24 Years Experience Overall  (20 years as specialist)
    Hospital:          Fortis Hospital Noida

    About Doctor:

    • Dr. Vivek Vij is a pioneering liver transplant surgeon credited with developing living donor surgery and standardising safety protocols to achieve the highest donor safety since the donor safety profile since the time of its inception in the country.
    • He is the first surgeon from the Indian subcontinent to publish a series of laparoscopic Donor Hepatectomy in ‘Liver Transplantation’.
    • He is the founder of Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Sciences in Fortis group of Hospitals, starting a highly successful liver transplant program initially at its Noida centre and then at Mohali. Read More

    fortis noida

    Fortis Hospital Noida

    • Fortis Hospital Noida is a renowned Multi-Super Specialty Hospital. It is known for offering a wide spectrum of advanced medical treatments to its patients.
    • Fortis Noida has maintained a path-breaking record in providing the best healthcare solutions since its establishment in 2004.
    • Fortis Hospital Noida is NABH accredited as well. Read More

    FMRI Gurgaon

    Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) 

    • Fortis Memorial Research Institute was established in 2001.
    • It is an outstanding multi-speciality quaternary care hospital,having the top-notch infrastructure, advanced equipment, highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and super sub-specialists.
    • Fortis Hosptial Gurgaon is an advanced centre of excellence in Robotic Surgery, Neurosciences, Oncology, Renal Sciences, BMT, Organ Transplants, Orthopaedics, Cardiac Sciences and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Read More

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