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Mental Health In Sarvodaya Hospital Faridabad

Centre for Mental Health is an integrated department providing clinical evaluation and treatment services for a broad range of emotional, cognitive, and behavioural disorders for patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Our team comprises psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, psychoanalytical psychotherapists and art therapists. We provide mental health care for in-patient, out-patients.

Expert psychiatrists and psychologists provide support for rehabilitation post-surgery or trauma, anti-smoking programs and alcohol de-addiction as well. Guidance and support are also provided to geriatric patients (and their relatives), distressed patients coping with infertility, diabetes, cancer, HIV AIDS, bipolar and other behavioural issues.

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    Our specialized counselling support helps our patients develop fulfilling and lasting relationships, bring out their creativity, sharpen powers of self-expression and develop a strong sense of direction and motivation in life. That apart, the department’s advanced programs help children deal with ADD (attention deficit disorders), shyness, stage fright, hyperactivity, lack of concentration and anxiety issues. Support is also extended to women for pre and post-pregnancy and menopause stage. The department also offers specialized therapy and counseling programs for corporates that focus on teamwork, work culture enhancement and productivity improvement.

    Biofeedback Treatment

    With the latest technology and a team experienced professionals, Centre for Mental Health specializes in Biofeedback Therapy conforming to the highest international standards. It is effective for:

    • Writer’s cramp
    • Anxiety in adults and children
    • Insomnia
    • Chronic back pain
    • Chronic shoulder pain
    • Shortness of breath due to stress
    • Stammering
    • Examination fear
    • Functional gastro disorders (such as recurrent abdominal pain)

    Biofeedback is particularly helpful for patients who :

    • Prefer non-drug interventions
    • Have poor tolerance to specific drugs
    • Have shown in
    • sufficient or no response to drug therapy
    • Are going through Pregnancy, planned pregnancy, or nursing
    • Have medical contraindications for specific drugs
    • Have history of long-term, frequent, or excessive use of pain medications that can aggravate headache problems (or lead to decreased responsiveness to other drugs
    • Who have significant stress and/or poor stress-management skills

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