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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation In Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai

Our vision is to provide wide range of physical medicine and rehabilitation services as an integral part of the hospital. Our scope encompasses remedial care for stroke patients, children with cerebral palsy, sports injuries and chronic pain. The centre is supported by ten dedicated inpatient beds—a first of its kind. A key feature of the centre is the ability to manage diseases related to ageing and it works towards getting elders back on their feet, at the earliest.

We treat patients who have experienced a stroke, traumatic brain injury, hypoxic encephalopathy and those who are unconscious, semi-conscious or in a vegetative state. As inpatients, they undergo medical management and integrated neurorehabilitation. This concept consists of physician supervised multidisciplinary rehab care for six hours of active therapy which includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, swallow therapy, robotic assisted walking and upper limb training for six hours a day, 6 days a week and 6 weeks. The standard US trademark is usually three hours a day for five days a week—this is provided by some of the best centres. Our concept employs a double dose of therapy.The basic principle behind this concept is to trigger neuroplasticity in the brain. After a brain injury or stroke, some part of the damaged brain stops performing functions. There are latent pathways in the brain which can be triggered to perform new functions and this ability of the brain to change in response to an external stimulus is called neuroplasticity.


  • Some key medical technologies at the centre include Gait and Motion Analysis, Isokinetic Multi-Joint Dynamometer with Work Simulator, Balance Assessment and Training System, Video Nystagmography, Body-Weight Support Treadmill Gait Training System, EMG Biofeedback, Multi-Sensory Integration System for Paediatric Patients, Aquatic Treadmill and VO2 Max.

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