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Rehabilitation Medicine In Manipal Hospital (Old Airport Road) Bangalore

Manipal hospital’s department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is aimed at enhancing and restoring the quality of life and functional ability of patients suffering from physical disabilities or impairments that affect the spinal cord, nerves, brain, bones, ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles. The goal of physiatry is to maximize the patients’ independence so that they may lead better lives.

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    Dr. Dheeraj A

    Dr. Dheeraj A

    Speciality:     Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Experience:  6+Years of experience
    Hospital:        Manipal Hospital Bangalore

    About doctor:

    • Dr Dheeraj Adiga is working as a Consultant Physical Medicine at Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road. 
    • Over 6+years of experience makes him specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 
    • Dr Dheeraj is a qualified MBBS from Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary. 

    Dr. Naveen Mathew Jose

    Dr. Naveen Mathew Jose

    Speciality:    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Experience: 17+Years of experience
    Hospital:       Manipal Hospital Bangalore

    About Doctor:

    • Dr. Naveen Mathew Jose is a consultant Physical Medicine & Neuro-Rehabilitation Specialist at Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road Bangalore. With 17+years of experience, 
    • Dr. Naveen Mathew Jones specializes in the field of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 
    • He is an MBBS graduate from Academy Of Medical Sciences, Kannur. Dr. Naveen has acquired a Master of Doctorate in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). 

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