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Weight loss/ Bariatric Surgery in India

About Obesity/Weight Gain:

Overweight or obese is two different things. There are significant differences between the two, weight gain affects your overall health, and it brings others issues along. The BMI range 18.5-25 is ideal, but if you fall in, BMI ranges from 25 to 35, then you are overweight. If we do not take proper precautionary measures, we can go into the obese category very soon, which is not a good thing for the body. A person with a BMI over 35 is overweight, and immediate medical attention is needed to control the weight issues. Bariatric surgery involves the removal of a part of a stomach to reduce the consumption of food which results in weight loss and treat a lot of problems related to weight issues and health issues which were followed by weight gain or obesity. Bariatric surgery includes sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and biliopancreatic diversion. The motive of all these surgeries is to reduce the size of the stomach.

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    Symptoms of weight Gain:

    • Bloating
    • Uncontrollable hunger
    • Sweating
    • Difficulty in Breathing and shortness of breath
    • Change in Vision
    • Rapid weight gain
    • Fatigue
    • Causes of weight Gain
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle changes
    • Side effects of medication
    • Menstruation
    • Hormonal changes
    • Fluid retention

    Diagnosis of weight Gain:

    Diagnosis of weight gain generally starts with the doctor asking questions about the lifestyle, symptoms, and medical history of the patient. He/She will also perform a thorough physical examination to get into some details. Some tests like ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CT scans are necessary to know about the problem in detail to suggest further treatment. The doctor might also take blood samples to check hormone levels, kidney functioning, liver function, and other health markers that will show problems, causing weight issues.

    Weight loss surgery:

    Gastric Bypass Surgery:

    Gastric bypass surgery is for people who have a BMI 40 or higher. It is a type of surgery where the changes in the digestive system of the patient result in less consumption of food, and there is lesser absorption of nutrients in the patient’s body. The surgery is performed when the patient is not able to control gain in weight by any other methods like exercise or diet. When a patient has some medical severe health issues due to obesity like high blood pressure or diabetes; gastric bypass surgery becomes mandatory. Gastric bypass surgery involves two procedures. Firstly, a small stomach pouch is created by dividing the rest of the stomach. After separating the upper portion of the small intestine, the bottom end of the divided intestine is connected to the newly created stomach pouch. The top part of the divided intestine is connected to the remaining small intestine so that the stomach acids and the digestive enzymes can mix with the food in the stomach.

    Sleeve Gastrectomy:

    This surgery is for people with a BMI of over 35. The procedure of sleeve gastrectomy involves removing a part of the stomach to reduce the capacity of food intake. Further, the doctor gives a tubular type shape to the stomach. As a result, the stomach can only hold a small portion of food. This surgery also results in blood sugar control, which is very useful for diabetic patients.

    Adjustable band surgery:

    The motive of the operation is to reduce the size of the stomach. This involves a small cut in the belly to place a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach with the use of laparoscopy. As a result, the size of the stomach becomes small because the silicone band squeezes the stomach.

    Gastric balloon surgery:

    In this procedure, a silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach via mouth, which helps in reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold.

    Biliopancreatic Diversion:

    This surgery is the mix of Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy.

    Weight loss surgery cost in Delhi:

    Delhi has numerous award-winning hospitals like Fortis Hospital, Jaypee Hospital, and Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, which provides world-class facilities and people from all over the world come to Delhi for weight loss surgery.

    The estimated weight loss surgery cost in India is around USD 6,000, depending upon various factors.

    There is a 95% weight loss surgery success rate in India, which makes India one of the most preferred countries for weight loss surgery across the world.

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