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Vocal Nodules, Polyps and cysts

Vocal cord lesions, also known as vocal fold lesions, are benign (noncancerous) growths that include nodules, polyps, and cysts.Vocal cord lesions are one of the most common causes of voice problems. These growths or lesions are found within or along the covering of the vocal cord. All these can cause hoarseness of voice and may be associated with vocal cord trauma or vocal overuse. Both nodules and polyps can be caused by different forms of trauma including singing (professional), screaming, and excessive talking (such as by a teacher). Muscle tension while speaking, smoking, sinusitis and allergies can also cause nodules and polyps. The size and location of the lesions affect the degree of disruption of vocal cord vibration and subsequently the severity of hoarseness or other voice problems. An ENT doctor has the ability to examine your vocal cords with a special scope. Additional tests are determined after this initial examination.

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    Diagnostic Process:

    When an individual experiences persistent hoarseness or voice problems, an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor can perform a detailed examination of the vocal cords using a special scope called laryngoscopy. This examination allows the doctor to visualise the vocal cord lesions and determine their nature and severity.

    Treatment Options:

    Voice Rest: In mild cases, voice rest and lifestyle modifications may be sufficient to allow the vocal cords to heal. This involves refraining from activities that strain the vocal cords, such as excessive talking, shouting, or singing.

    Speech Therapy: For some individuals, speech therapy may be recommended to learn proper vocal techniques and habits to reduce strain on the vocal cords and improve voice quality.

    Medication: In cases where inflammation or infection is contributing to the vocal cord lesions, medications, such as steroids, may be prescribed to reduce swelling and promote healing.

    Surgery: In more severe cases or when other treatments do not yield results, surgical intervention may be necessary. The specific procedure will depend on the type and location of the vocal cord lesion. Surgery can often be performed using minimally invasive techniques to minimize potential voice changes.


    Preventing vocal cord lesions involves avoiding behaviors that strain the vocal cords, such as yelling, excessive talking, and smoking. Staying hydrated and managing conditions like allergies or sinusitis can also help prevent the development of vocal cord lesions.

    Vocal cord lesions can significantly impact one’s voice and overall quality of life. If you suspect you have such lesions or are experiencing voice problems, it’s crucial to consult with an ENT specialist who can provide a proper diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. Early intervention often leads to better outcomes and a quicker return to a healthy voice.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Q1: What are the common symptoms of vocal cord lesions?

    A1: Common symptoms of vocal cord lesions include hoarseness, a rough or raspy voice, voice fatigue, discomfort or pain while speaking, and in some cases, difficulty in producing high or low-pitched sounds. These symptoms can be bothersome and affect an individual’s ability to communicate effectively.

    Q2: Can vocal cord lesions heal on their own without treatment?

    A2: In some cases, mild vocal cord lesions, such as nodules, may improve or resolve with voice rest and lifestyle modifications. However, if the lesions persist or worsen, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for a proper evaluation, as untreated lesions can lead to more severe vocal problems.

    Q3: How can I prevent vocal cord lesions and maintain a healthy voice?

    A3: To prevent vocal cord lesions, it’s important to practice good vocal hygiene. This includes avoiding activities that strain the vocal cords, staying hydrated, and using proper speaking techniques. If you use your voice professionally, like as a singer or public speaker, consider regular vocal training and warm-up exercises to reduce the risk of developing vocal cord lesions. If you suspect any issues with your voice, seeking early evaluation and treatment is crucial to prevent the progression of vocal cord lesions.

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    Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal

    Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal

    Speciality:     Otorhinolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat)
    Experience:   33+ years of experience
    Hospital:        Fortis Memorial Research Institute,Gurgaon,Delhi NCR

    About Doctor:

    • Atul Mittal is an eminent E.N.T. Specialist, with a sound experience of 25 years of practice and surgical proficiency.
    • He is the Director of ENT at Fortis Memorial Research Institute,Gurugaon, with his efficacious leadership skills.
    • He has successfully managed his practice and staff in providing patients with quality care. Read More

    FMRI Gurgaon

    Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) 

    • Fortis Memorial Research Institute was established in 2001.
    • It is an outstanding multi-speciality quaternary care hospital,having the top-notch infrastructure, advanced equipment, highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and super sub-specialists.
    • Fortis Hosptial Gurgaon is an advanced centre of excellence in Robotic Surgery, Neurosciences, Oncology, Renal Sciences, BMT, Organ Transplants, Orthopaedics, Cardiac Sciences and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Read More

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